What time will the winners be announced?

Award announcements will begin at 4:45 pm. Winners of the car show, Buck A Bone, Boss Sauce, Slice & Dice Chef and, of course, the KCBS cooking teams! Teams have been up for over 24 hours performing their grill magic and will turn in the best meats they can to the very particular KCBS Judges. Come find out who all our winners are and who will take home a piece of the $15,000 prize purse!

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1. Is there a parking fee?
2. Can I bring a pet?
3. Can I bring my own food?
4. What can I do to beat the heat?
5. Will ATMs be available for cash withdrawal?
6. What other food options will be available at the Beltway BBQ Showdown?
7. What about the kids?
8. Where is the Lost & Found?
9. How can I sample cooking from the teams?
10. What else is there to do at the BBQ Showdown?
11. What time will the winners be announced?