What steps have been taken since the fire in January?
Shortly after the fire was extinguished, M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation put in place an aggressive program to clean-up the building area in order to assess the extent of the damage. An internal staff task force was established. A private consulting team with expertise in ice rink construction and operations was secured to conduct an evaluation of the site and building and prepare a required engineering report for M-NCPPC’s insurance provider. These reports are necessary to specifically assess the damage, estimate the cost of the damage, work with the insurance company, and begin the planning to replace the facility.

o Cleanup of facility began. M-NCPPC hired a company that specializes in cleanup of fire-damaged buildings. The cost of the clean-up totaled $400,000.

o Insurance Company walk-through to evaluate fire damage to the facility.

o M-NCPPC completed the process of hiring a consultant to do a comprehensive assessment of the entire building and produce a report with its findings.

o The assessment report was submitted to M-NCPPC’s insurance company. The insurance company will conduct an independent assessment of the building and compare its findings with those of M-NCPPC. Afterward, negotiations between M-NCPPC and the insurance company will be initiated to identify the true value of the loss at the facility. The insurance company’s review is underway.

o M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation requested permission from the Prince George’s County Council to “appropriate funds” in order to allow the Department to begin spending the insurance money as soon as it comes in.

o M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation and the consultant met with the TRIR stakeholder group (a group of community volunteers) to provide updates on the facility assessment and the insurance process.

o Second meeting of the TRIR stakeholder group.

o Established a public outreach program.
o Formed a community working group (TRIR stakeholder group).
o Working with the Prince George’s County Council on budget approval so that an accelerated design and construction procurement process can begin in order to begin replacing this facility as quick as possible.
Next steps include:
• Developing the building design and construction documents,
• Securing site and building permits,
• Beginning building construction,
• Staff move in and training.

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1. What steps have been taken since the fire in January?
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