How do you decide where to put new parks?

When plans are developed for an area of the county, future needs for public facilities such as parks, libraries, and fire stations are identified during the process to formulate land use plans or functional master plans. When suitable properties are offered for sale or proposed for development, the Department of Parks and Recreation tries to acquire land as recommended in the master plans.

The Department has its own acquisition staff that specializes in acquiring parkland. In recommending park sites to purchase, park planning staff is guided by guidelines and recommendations in the Formula 2040, Prince George’s County Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan and the master plans.

When land is not available for purchase, the Department will work with other local public agencies to use their facilities or lands. Partnerships have been formed with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, the county school system, and state agencies to provide recreational opportunities where the Department does not own land.

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