How are all those parks and recreation facilities developed?
Professional staff of Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commissions' (M-NCPPC) Department of Parks and Recreation manage the planning, capital funding, land acquisition, engineering, design, and construction management functions involved in bringing new parks and recreation facilities to the public. Park land is acquired through the M-NCPPC capital improvement, grants, mandatory dedication, and surplus property programs.

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1. How are all those parks and recreation facilities developed?
2. What is the difference between the Planning Department and the Park Planning and Development Division of the Department of Parks and Recreation?
3. Is there a park in my community?
4. How do you decide where to put new parks?
5. As a Prince George's County resident, how do I request funding for a new park or for the renovation of facilities in an existing park?
6. How long does it take to design and construct a new park or recreation facility?
7. Are all recreation buildings in the park and recreation system in Prince George's County required to provide access to and be usable by people with disabilities?
8. As an interested contractor or bidder, how do I learn about the Department's design and development projects?