How are historic sites and historic districts created?
Under the county's Historic Preservation Ordinance (Subtitle 29 of the Prince George’s County Code), the Historic Preservation Commission can designate a property listed in the County Inventory of Historic Resources as a Historic Site if the property meets specific criteria of architectural or historical significance. Similarly, a group of historic properties can be designated as a historic district. The process for designation involves a research report documenting the history and architectural characteristics of the building or district. The Historic Preservation Commission, together with the Planning Board and the County Council can also designate properties as historic sites or historic districts that are not included in the master plan Inventory of Historic Resources through a new provision of the County’s Historic Preservation Ordinance established in 2008. The research may be initiated by the property owner or local citizens. The Historic Preservation Commission then holds a public hearing to receive the comments of residents and other interested parties following with a decision. The County Council hears appeals of the Historic Preservation Commission's decisions.

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