Port Towns Sector Plan and SMA Update

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Pre-Planning of the Port Towns Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) 

We are currently in the pre-planning phase, doing background research, organizing stakeholder interviews, and conducting an existing conditions assessment for the area. We are also developing the plan's Goals, Concepts, and Guidelines and the Public Participation Program which details a comprehensive and transparent community engagement process. Staff is expecting to initiate the Project in Fall 2023.

This project will reexamine the Port Towns area for redevelopment possibilities based on the current zoning, market conditions, and environmental constraints. The Plan will replace the 2009 Approved Port Towns Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment to identify updated, achievable, and realistic long-term vision, goals, policies, and strategies for the area. We will also work with a multidisciplinary consulting firm to help with the planning and visioning processes. The Port Towns Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment project is an opportunity to shape the future of Port Towns. The SMA is a process that facilitates the rezoning of properties within a plan’s boundary only. Typically, this process results in a zoning change for only a few properties, and the remaining properties keep their existing zoning classification. For more information, please see the SMA FAQ page.

Join Us

We are excited to collaborate with you, and we encourage you to get involved and share your ideas with us. For more information about this ongoing project and how you can be involved, please email the project team at Porttowns@ppd.mncppc.org.

Meetings and Events

Colmar Manor Visioning Event (August 11th, 2023) – The Town of Colmar Manor would like to invite you to this visioning event. They have created a giant town map (60’ x 40’) and are inviting residents to come and paint their homes. The invitation is also open to community partners who have ongoing projects in town to showcase their projects and to see how they fit into the grand scheme of things in town. The Project Team will also be there to inform the community about the Port Towns Sector Plan update. 

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