Lake Arbor Park

Project Background/Description

The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) has acquired the property previously known as Lake Arbor Golf Course and is planning to work with the community to repurpose and improve the site. Originally a 127-acre, eighteen-hole golf course, The Lake Arbor Golf Course closed in 2010 and was acquired by DPR in July 2022 with State Program Open Space Funds. Major repurposing efforts will involve meadow creation and tree planting. Limited recreational development will be focused on trails and compatible recreational amenities in a safe and well-maintained environment.

In Winter 2022, Department staff is engaging the community in discussions on amenity preferences and recreational uses. 

Status/Project Updates

Currently, the project is in the Community Engagement phase. A summary of anticipated milestones is as follows:

  • Winter 2022 – Community Engagement
  • Spring 2023 – Some improvements & limited public use

Actual dates for the completion of the milestones are subject to change. 
The anticipated project completion is to be determined.  


Lake Arbor Community Meeting Presentation (PDF)