Water Fitness

Aquatic Center

The Department offers a variety of low and high-impact water fitness options for adults and seniors. Shallow and deep-water course options are available. 

Some examples of the water fitness courses offered include:

Shallow Water Aerobics
A fast-paced and energy-packed exercise class aimed to improve cardiovascular function! You'll get the added benefits of feeling refreshed, having a lighter mood, increased range of motion, sustained vitality, and building relationships with fellow exercise enthusiasts who love the water.

Deep Water Aerobics
Deep water is nature's aquatic fitness machine making you feel pounds lighter and allowing you to achieve your health goals through a balanced workout routine. This class is perfect for those hoping to relieve stress on their joints. We'll tone abs, thighs, glutes, and the upper body. Flotation belts may be used.

Aqua Spinning
Beat the temptation to be a couch potato with this challenging, aerobic, and anaerobic workout utilizing stationary bikes in the water with tension settings that allow you to work at your fitness level. This heart-healthy exercise strengthens and tones your hamstrings, buttocks, and inner thighs. Join our team-like, non-judgmental culture of diverse spinners while having fun moving to great tunes.

Aqua Zumba
This Latin-inspired aerobic workout is a fun, calorie-burning dance workout but done in low-impact water at the shallow end of the pool. 

Aqua Fusion
Stir up your water routine by adding a mix of various aerobic fitness styles! Increase your strength level and bolster your mood through a blend of Water Aerobics, Aqua Sculpt, Aqua Tabata, and Boot Camp rolled into one class. In addition, you will use equipment designed to build your stamina and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Aqua Arthritis
Enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle with increased flexibility, muscle strength, better posture, and balance. Whether arthritis, muscle fatigue, chronic pain, or surgery rehabilitation, you can join us for slow-moving, bounce-free exercise with lower impact on joints.

Aqua Boot Camp
Make a splash in this boot camp style approach to interval training that includes using water as a resistance tool while performing different exercises.

Aqua Sculpt
Use cardio and toning exercises to sculpt your body in a high-intensity, bounce-free workout. Held in the shallow end of the pool, there will be little to no impact on your joints using power and suspension moves for quick toning. Gain the self-confidence to look and feel your best!

Abs and Glutes 
Splash your way to stronger abs and glutes! Discover how these muscle groups, when exercised properly, help you look your best while supporting your spine. You will use powerful techniques to tone and sculpt away inches. You will feel stronger, more self-confident, and be on your way to increased flexibility.

Hydro Pilates
This active course will take the pressure off your joints through the natural buoyancy of water. Build stamina as you tone and strengthen all your muscle groups. Enjoy a good, cardio workout and bond with others excited about maintaining great health.

**Please note:  not all water fitness class types are offered at all the aquatic facilities. Please click here for specific course offerings, locations, and schedules.