Project Timeline

Once the funding for a project is approved, the time it takes to design and build the facility varies by project type. Facilities that involve the construction of a new building, such as a community center, take much longer than smaller projects such as play areas.


Typically, the design of a project does not begin until about 12 months after the date that funding is available. During this 12-month period, design staff are assigned to coordinate the project and perform topographic surveys and environmental investigations, talk with the community to gather their ideas, talk with staff to learn about operational and maintenance needs, obtain the requirements for environmental permitting, roads and access to the park, and complete land acquisitions. When this is completed, design of the park may begin. Community meetings are held to inform interested people about the progress of the design and receive their input.

Permits & Contracts

Permits take at least six months to a year to obtain, depending on the size of project. These regulations include:
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements
  • Building
  • Fire safety requirements
  • Grading
  • Storm-water management
  • Water and sewer
There are also contractual issues that take time, such as preparing bid documents, advertising the bids for 30 days, evaluating and selecting the contractor, preparing contracts that detail the work to be performed, and getting insurance and bonds to guarantee the job.

Average Completion Times

A great deal goes into getting the right design and construction teams to build public park facilities. With this in mind, the following are typical completion times for building different types of parks:
  • Buildings - 48 months
    • Community Center
    • Recreation building
    • Special facilities such as an indoor pool or ice rink
  • Community park - 36 months
    • Ball fields
    • Parking
    • Picnic area and pavilion
    • Play area
    • Trails
  • Lighting for ball fields or parking area - 16 months
  • Neighborhood park - 27 months
    • Basketball and tennis courts
    • Picnic area
    • Play area