The Virtual Stage

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Get ready to take the virtual stage! This on-demand video performing arts intensive is the perfect way to practice rigorous dance, theatre, music, and technical design technique at home. Designed to be a “learn at your own pace” program, students ages 8 to 16, from beginners to immediate level, can hone their performance and design skills to prepare for their time in the spotlight. Curtains up on the virtual stage!  

The Virtual Stage is a set of three complete courses. The courses can be taken in any order or independently. However, in the first three courses, each video builds on the previous lesson, so the video lessons in those courses should be watched in order.  

  • Course 1: Music Theory and Vocal Technique (8 lessons)
  • Course 2: Dance Technique and Choreography (10 lessons)
  • Course 3: Once Upon a Design... The Behind the Scenes of Theater (12 lessons)
  • Course 4: The A La Carte Series (4 lessons)

Video Course 1: Music Theory and Vocal Technique

Learn foundational music concepts and terminology and explore vocal anatomy and proper vocal technique to present a dynamic, moving vocal performance.

Instructors: Akeira Cramer and Shante Leslie

Instructions for Watching: Students should watch and practice their vocal warm-up videos daily. The music theory videos should be watched in order based on their name and listings. Re-watch as many times as you want to help review the concepts in each video. 

Video Course 2: Dance Technique and Choreography

Dance your heart out with an in-depth dance choreography program to try on your own! Learn important dance terminology, proper technique, and choreography. 

Instructor: Candace Jones

Instructions for Watching: Students are encouraged to start by watching the "Daily Warm-Up Video" and always end their dance practice time with the "Daily Cool Down Video." Students can adapt the lessons and go at their own pace, but the course is designed to be taken over 7 days of practicing to complete the entire choreography. There is also a "Complete Dance" video for students to see the finished choreography as they practice. At the end of the course, students are encouraged to create their own dance performance at home to showcase their hard work!

Video Course 3: Once Upon a Design... The Behind the Scenes of Theater

Explore behind the scenes of theater with the world of design! Discover the roles of costumes, scenery, props, lighting, and sound that add to the magic of production. Students will learn and create their own design magic from classic fairy tales and stories. Download the Design Journal to help guide you as you learn and explore behind the scenes at the theater.

Instructor: Katie Peacock

Instructions for Watching: The videos should be watched sequentially. There is an “Introduction Video” with an accompanying “Creation Video” for each area of design. Students will need to download the provided “Design Journal.”

Download the Design Journal

Video Course 4: The A La Carte Series

The A La Carte Series is a collection of individual instructional videos covering topics that are not part of a course. Students can try new physical conditioning activities, learn to manage pre-performance nerves, or check out some great tips for upcoming auditions. Students can sample their way into learning more about the performing arts! Various instructors. 

Instructions for Watching: The videos can be watched at any time and in any order you choose.