Police Response Times

The following links below provide the police response time 12-month rolling average for each police district. These averages will be received monthly from the Prince George’s County Police Department and will be effective the following business day.

Once received, the data is evaluated with each new residential Preliminary Plan of Subdivision application upon acceptance and Specific Design Plan as applicable pursuant to  

(1)  Except as provided in Subsection (3) below, the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief shall submit the following information to the County Office of Audits and Investigations, County Office of Management and Budget, and the Planning Board: 

 (D)  A statement by the Police Chief that the rolling twelve-month average, adjusted monthly, for response times in the vicinity of the property proposed for subdivision is a maximum of twenty-five (25) minutes total for non-emergency calls and a maximum of ten (10) minutes total for emergency calls for service. Prior to January 2006, the Police Chief shall calculate the cumulative average response times beginning with the January 2005 response time data. In this section, total time means the length of time from the call for service until the arrival of Police personnel on-scene or other appropriate police response. 

Response time failures will result in the need for the applicant to enter into a mitigation agreement or denial of the application pursuant to CR-078-2005.

Effective 12-month rolling average of each Police  District