Education & School Programs

Archaeology staff offers a variety of free educational opportunities at Mount Calvert including tours, excavations, lab experiences, and other activities including making pinch pots, throwing atlatl darts, and sketching artifacts. We welcome up to 20 students per event at the park or our archaeologists can come to your facility to engage with larger groups.

View the Archaeology Education (PDF)

Choose from the following themes:

  • Archaeology Detectives: Put the clues together using artifacts and documents to discover who once lived at a site. Students will work in small groups to identify and examine objects that tell a story about historic people. 
  • The Archaeological Method: Students will work with archaeologists to understand the scientific method by posing questions, conducting research, hypothesizing, experimenting, analyzing, and making conclusions. This hands-on program can be adapted for different ages and subjects. 
  • Archaeology Field and Lab Methods: Students will learn what archaeologists do in the field (excavate, record, etc.) and in the lab (washing, bagging, labeling artifacts). They will learn the importance of note-taking/writing, develop observation and mapping skills, and handle real artifacts. 

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