Sick Leave Bank

The Sick Leave Bank is a short-term, income-replacement disability plan designed to provide income-replacement , once you exhaust your accrued leave (except for 80 hours of annual leave) in the event of your own serious illness (including pregnancy), the illness of a family member-children up to age 26 or parental responsibilities (newborn, adoption, foster care). 


Full-time or part-time career employee's may join the plan within their first 60 days of hire/rehire or open enrollment.  

Purpose of Use

The Sick Leave Bank is only to used to cover lost wages up to 80% of your base pay rate.  Up to 688 hours each calendar year for an employee's own serious illness; up to 240 hours each calendar year for parental responsibilities and up to 160 hours for the serious medical condition of a family member. (Part-time employee's maximum hours is one-half of those stated.)

Contributing Time

Employees must contribute the required hours of sick leave as designated each year for membership in the Sick Leave Bank. Full-time employees must contribute 8 hours and part-time employees must contribute 4 hours per year; this is subject to change based on the balance of hours in the bank. Contributions are taken within the first quarter of the calendar year and are reflected as a reduction in your leave balance.