Cooling Centers

The Department of Parks and Recreation offers a cooling area with seating any time temperatures reach 90 degrees or higher. Residents may stop in any of our facilities to cool off. All residents are asked check-in at the facility’s front desk upon arrival.

Facility hours may vary based on inclement weather or other operational needs.

  • Camp Springs Senior Activity Center
         Address: 6420 Allentown Road, Camp Springs, MD 20748
         Phone: 301-449-0490
         Hours: M-F: 9am-4:30pm; Sat: 9am-1pm; Sun: Closed
  • Cedar Heights Community Center
         Address: 1200 Glen Willow Drive, Seat Pleasant, MD 20743
         Phone: 301-773-8881
         Hours: M-Th: 9am-9pm; F: 9am-7pm; Sat: 10am-4pm; Sun: 11am-4pm
  • Glenarden Community Center
         Address: 8615 McLain Avenue, Glenarden, MD 20706
         Phone: 301-772-3151
         Hours: M-Th: 9am-9pm; F: 8am-9pm; Sat: 9am-3pm; Sun: 12pm-6pm
  • Hillcrest Heights Community Center
         Address: 2300 Oxon Run Drive, Hillcrest Heights, MD 20748
         Phone: 301-505-0896
         Hours: M-F: 9am-9pm; Sat: 9am-4pm; Sun: Closed
  • John E. Howard Community Center
         Address: 4400 Shell Street, Capitol Heights, MD 20743
         Phone: 301-735-2400
         Hours: M-F: 3-9pm; Sat-Sun: 12pm-5pm
  • John E. Howard Senior Activity Center
         Address: 4400 Shell Street, Capitol Heights, MD 20743
         Phone: 301-753-3340
         Hours: M-F: 9:00am-3:30pm; Sat-Sun: Closed
  • Kentland Community Center
         Address: 2413 Pinebrook Avenue, Landover, MD 20785
         Phone: 301-386-2278
         Hours: M-Th: 9am- 9pm; F: 9am-7pm; Sat: 9am-4pm; Sun: Closed
  • Langley Park Community Center
         Address: 1500 Merrimac Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20783
         Phone: 301-445-4508
         Hours: M-Th: 9am-9pm; F: 9am-7pm; Sat: 10am-4pm; Sun: 12pm- 4pm
  • Largo Kettering Perrywood Community Center
         Address: 431 Watkins Park Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
         Phone: 301-390-8390
         Hours: M-F: 8am-9pm; Sat: 9am-5pm; Sun: Closed
  • Laurel- Beltsville Senior Activity Center
        Address: 7120 Contee Road, Laurel, MD 20707
        Phone: 301-206-3350
        Hours: M-F: 8am-5pm; Sat-Sun: 8am – 2pm
  • Oakcrest Community Center
         Address: 1300 Capitol Heights Boulevard, Capitol Heights, MD 20743
         Phone: 301-736-5355
         Hours: M-Th: 9am-9pm; F: 9am-7pm; Sat: 9am-5pm; Sun: 12pm-5pm
  • Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex
         Address: 8001 Sheriff Road, Landover, MD 20785
         Phone: 301-583-2400
         Hours: M-F: 6am-9pm; Sat: 9am-6pm; Sun: 12pm- 6pm
  • Rollingcrest-Chillum Community Center
         Address: 6120 Sargent Road, Chillum, MD 20782
         Phone: 301-853-2005
         Hours: M,W: 8am-9:30pm; T, Th: 8am-9pm; F: 8am-7pm; Sat: 8:30-5pm; Sun: Closed
  • Southern Area Aquatics and Recreation Complex (SAARC)
         Address: 13601 Missouri Avenue, Brandywine, MD 20613
         Phone: 301-736-3518
         Hours: M-Th: 6am-9pm; F: 8am-7am; Sat: 8am-4pm; Sun: 12pm- 5pm
  • Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex
         Address: 7007 Bock Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744
         Phone: 301-749-4160
         Hours: M-Th: 7am-9pm; F: 9am-7pm; Sat: 9am-4pm; Sun: 10am-3pm
  • Suitland Community Center
         Address: 5600 Regency Lane, Forestville, MD 20747
         Phone: 301-736-3518
         Hours: M-Th: 7am-9pm; F: 7am-7am; Sat: 9am-4pm; Sun: Closed
  • Tucker Road Ice Rink
         Address: 1770 Tucker Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744
         Phone: 301-265-1525
         Hours: M-Th: 9am-8pm; F: 9am-9am; Sat: 8am-9pm; Sun: 10pm- 8pm