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Print of a green fern pattern

Maggie Gourlay: Wallpapers for A Warming World

April 8-May 28, 2023

Public Reception: Saturday, May 13, 2023, 2-4 pm 

Maggie Gourlay juxtaposes the built world against the natural environment at the intersection of the natural world and domestic space. In her exhibition, Wallpapers for a Warming World, the assumption that we are separate and immune from the events shaping our natural environment is questioned. Gourlay creates wallpaper patterns that take a nuanced look at our environmental complacency through the lenses of the beautification of domestic spaces versus decreasing biodiversity and the negative effects towards which we are marching.

Horse 1 by Sushama Parikh

Sushama Parikh

May 20-July 2, 2023

Public Reception: Saturday, June 10, 2-4 pm

Longtime Montpelier Arts Center resident artist Sushama Parikh has studied and practiced her art worldwide. In this exhibition, Parikh will showcase some of her favorite pieces, including painted ceramic wall tiles, sculptures of horses, and more.

A bust sculpture covered in mixed media

Chris Malone

June 3-August 6, 2023

Public Reception: Saturday, June 10, 2-4 pm

Chris Malone’s story of growing up on a Southern Indiana farm, finding his way as a Gay Black Man at the beginning of the AIDS crisis, and embarking on a journey of finding his African past is reflected through his artwork. This self-taught artist uses ceramics, beads, paints, and more to create mixed-media sculptures and to give life to dolls and figures in this exhibition.