Phase I- 2014

2014 Highlights

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2014 Awardees

Eight people stand beneath the wooden frame of a structure they are building.
Two young people make arts and crafts using magazines and paper materials.
Five people stand around a car and learn how to make repairs.
  1. American Indian Village
  2. Focus Forward Young Adult Occupational Program
  3. 10 Things Every Young Man Should Know

American Indian Village
Tonya Johnson & The Bladensburg Waterfront Park Staff

The American Indian Village at Patuxent River Park was a replicated from the Eastern Woodland Indian Village giving visitors opportunities to experience the history of the Indigenous peoples of Prince George's County, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Built largely by local teenage volunteers, the village replicates eastern woodland villages. Different items at the village, which was built over 18 months, include a 40-foot long longhouse, a wigwam, archaeological exhibits, a garden, and stations showing the processes for hide tanning, net weaving and mat making.