Parks & Facilities

Open space and landscapes for hikes, picnics, bird watching, and other activities are among the many natural resources in Prince George's County. Check out descriptions of regional parks, countywide parks, dog parks, local parks and trails available through the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Park Maintenance

To report a park maintenance concern, please contact the Customer Service Help Desk at 301-699-2255.

Countywide Parks

Patuxent River Park is comprised of more than 6,000 acres of natural area park lands along the eastern boundary of Prince George's County. Much of the land contains valuable natural and historical resources and is governed by a "limited-use" policy. The following properties within Patuxent River Park are open for public use:

Local Parks

Local parks include neighborhood and community parks that range in size from less than one acre to just under 200 acres. Facilities at developed local parks vary from site to site, and include combinations of sports courts, athletic fields, picnic areas and shelters, trails, sitting areas, horseshoe pits, fitness clusters, recreation buildings, and play equipment. The Commission operates and maintains more than 6,000 acres of local parkland throughout Prince George's County.

Additional Information

For more information about local parks, contact any of the following regional offices:

Regional Parks

Regional parks encompass more than 200 acres each and offer a variety of facilities that include athletic complexes, small boating/lake operations, nature centers, campgrounds, trails, play areas, picnic areas, and tennis bubbles. Large portions of each regional park remain undeveloped to provide woodland and green space in a natural state. The Commission operates four regional parks in Prince George's County; each one offers a variety of facilities for different recreational pursuits.


Nearly 7,000 acres of regional stream valley parkland throughout the county provide open space, natural beauty, and watershed protection, along with opportunities for recreation. The stream valley parks join neighborhoods and communities and provide the setting for many trail connections between developed park sites.