Transit-Oriented Development

Prince George's County is uniquely situated in the Washington region to take advantage of the regional interest in Transit-Oriented Development. The county is home to 15 of the region's 86 Metrorail stations. Within one-half mile of the county's Metrorail stations are over 2,500 acres of undeveloped land, providing ample opportunities for innovative, mixed-use development with a strong emphasis on transit-oriented design. While many Metrorail stations are over capacity, 11 of 15 stations in Prince George's County have the capacity to absorb additional Metrorail ridership growth.

Prince George's County Planning has developed a dynamic website that allows you to learn about transit-oriented development (TOD) in the county. The TOD website is a user-friendly tool that provides information and access to the county's TOD efforts. There you will find useful links, plans, and Metro station area facts for the 15 stations located in Prince George's County. We encourage you to explore and ask questions!