March is National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month® is an annual nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign, celebrated each year during the month of March, focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. 

The National Nutrition Month® 2020 theme is Eat Right, Bite by Bite, supporting the philosophy that every little bit (or bite!) of nutrition is a step in the right direction. Small goals/changes can have a cumulative healthful effect. Nutrition doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Most importantly, Eat Right, Bite by Bite is fun, positive, kid-friendly, inclusive of and adaptable for all eating patterns and cultures, and accessible and easy to understand. For more information, visit 

Program Overview

Come and enjoy our FREE, healthy cooking demonstrations during the month of March. Learn how to prepare delicious, healthy meals and snacks in these step-by-step cooking demonstrations. Enjoy a sample of the delicious creations and take-home new recipes! 


Our events for National Nutrition Month aim to create healthy lifestyle habits for county residents through nutrition education. According to Prince George’s County Health Department, “The prevalence of obesity has been increasing among adults and children in Maryland.” Poor eating habits and physical contribute to overweight and obesity as well as many chronic diseases, including heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, and arthritis. By participating in National Nutrition Month events, participants have the opportunity to reduce the incidence and prevent the development of obesity and obesity-related conditions as they: 

  • Learn from step-by-step live healthy cooking demonstrations with a chef
  • Sample FREE freshly prepared healthy foods and take home new healthy recipes


This is a FREE program. No registration is required. All ages are welcome.  Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Additional Information

For current Health and Wellness offerings and upcoming events, view our calendar! For more information, please call 301-446-6817, TTY 301-699-2544, or e-mail 

ADA Accommodations

The Department of Parks and Recreation encourages and supports the participation of individuals with disabilities. Register at least a minimum of two weeks in advance of the program start date to request and receive a disability accommodation. TTY (Text Telephone) for customers who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability 301-699-2544.