Visual Art Exhibition

Wayson R. Jones

INCARCERATE painting by Wayson R Jones
Wayson R. Jones is a 2D artist who creates using a variety of materials including paints, pastel, canvas, paper, and wood. Much of his work is influenced by the 50/60s TV and movies of his childhood. His monochromatic works are stark and show a deep contrast between solid black and blinding white hues. The presence of his works are weighed by their scale, texture, and use of contrast. His pieces in this format are typically divided horizontally and filled with various gels, pigments, or other materials in a spontaneous and often reductive way that build up the composition. His work, while often abstract in form, also embodies elemental themes such as the earth, sky, planets, or bodies that seek to evoke the vastness and wonder of the world.

Roy Lewis

Roy Lewis is a photographer and activist. He grew up on a southern plantation where his father labored as a sharecropper. His photojournalist work documents the African American experience and has been influenced by artists such as Langston Hughes, Roy DeCarava, and Gordon Parks. After serving in the US Army as a young man, he began to pursue photography at the start of the Civil Rights Movement. He contributed photos to various magazines and used the medium as a way to bring information about what was happening to the people. Over the years, his career in photojournalism evolved and he has displayed many aspects of African American life and culture in his works. He uses photos as a way to freeze moments in time and allow people to view them over and over.
Closing Ceremony Lagos Nigeria photo Roy Lewis FESTAC US Delegation