Prince George's Plaza Station Pedestrian Safety and Access Study

Project Update

The study continues to explore possible improvements to the streetscape surrounding the Metro station, apartment complexes, and the Mall at Prince George's. Most recently, staff initiated a stakeholders meeting on October 30, 2018, with local/state government and landowners. The meeting provided insight into pedestrian walking patterns and the issues that hinder flow and access. The stakeholders play a pivotal role in this study; they are most familiar with the area, witness the challenges firsthand, and will ultimately be the implementers of the suggested improvements. 

Project Description

The Prince George's Plaza Transit District is located in northern Prince George's County within the City of Hyattsville just over a mile north of the District of Columbia. It is anchored by the Prince George's Plaza Metro Station, the Mall at Prince George's and the University Town Center mixed-use development. Plan 2035 defined the area as a major Transit District, where high-density, mixed-use development is strongly encouraged. The purpose of the study is to provide detailed recommendations and implementation measures that would enhance the pedestrian environment. The study is a significant step forward in implementing the transportation goals and policies outlined in the 2016 Prince George's Plaza Transit District Development Plan

Study Area Boundary


Site Visit - Issue Identification

Key Sites within the study area