Curriculum-Based Programs

These programs are offered to all ages (K-12th grade). Program materials are adjusted to the age level of the participants. With all programs, students will evaluate the interrelationship between humans and land resources and biological resources. All programs last 30 to 40 minutes. Maximum of 30 people per session (chaperones are required).

Fee is $3 per participant for Prince George's/Montgomery County residents & groups, and $4 per participant for non-county residents & groups. Participants include children and adults.

Call the Old Maryland Farm at 301-218-6770 to make a program reservation.


Only Ponies
Learn all about ponies, from what they are and their history. Discover their special physical features and their care requirements. Hoof cleaning and trimming demonstration included.

Learn About Livestock  
Take a guided tour through the farm and learn about farm animal origins, characteristics, and habits. Discover their importance for the benefit of people. Includes an animal care demonstration.

Llamas and Sheep
Learn the origins, characteristics, and care needs of both the llamas and the sheep.  Find out how wool and hair are harvested to make fibers for clothing. Includes a demonstration in wool/hair harvesting.

Guided Garden Tour: (Available May 16 to August 30)
This program enhances the participants' knowledge of plants used in a farm setting.  Learn about the use of greenhouses, plant structure, composting, and see different types of gardens such as vegetable, herb, and flower.


These curriculum-based programs are offered December - March. A minimum of 25 students is required, and a maximum of 60 students permitted for a program. Additional STEM programming is available upon request.  Call the farm for additional information.

Fees are as follows: Residents* $4/person; Non-residents $6/person 

*Individuals residing in Prince George's or Montgomery Counties)

Fun Farm Foods 
(1st Grade)
Children will learn where their foods come from and how their senses affect their food choices. Explanation of how food affects the body and keeps it healthy. Students will learn to identify food categories and be introduced to My Pyramid.

Food and Your Body 
(2nd - 6th Grade)
Students will learn what a nutrient is, which nutrients are found in which foods, and how the body uses them. The principles of meal planning and healthy snacks are discussed and how they fit into a daily diet. Demonstration of how foods categorized into groups of My Pyramid. Nutrition Fact Labels will be introduced.

Fun Farm Science 
(Pre K - 1st Grade)
Children will learn how to compare features of animals and plants. They will learn what plants and animals need to live and how they interact with the environment. Life cycles will be discussed and how living things are found everywhere. Students will learn to classify animals into groups and examine populations.

Science on the Farm 
(2nd - 5th Grade)
Students will classify different farm animals and plants that are produced and describe their features and behaviors. Pollination and selective breeding will be discussed as well as population dynamics. Description of how energy flows from the to plants, to animals, and finally to us.

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